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Samples preparation and modification - technological applications


Autoclave equipment for thermal decomposition

Mixed autoclaves for thermic processing of heavy petroleum fractions including additives.
Device type: CHEMOPETROL MA01-96
Contact person: Blažek Josef

Flow hydrogenation reactors

High pressure hydrogenation reactors filled with hydrogenation catalysts fod cracking of middle petroleum distillates, vegetable oils or vacuum petroleum distillates.
Contact person: Tomášek Josef


Vacuum distillation apparatus

Vacuum distillation of petroleum and petroleum fractions.
Device type: FISCHER SYSTEM D301
Contact person: Tomášek Josef


Petrol and diesel fuels characteristics


Distillation curve

Distillation characteristic of atmospheric petroleum fractions, namely petrol and diesel fuel.
Device type: HERZOG HDA 620
Standards: ČSN EN ISO 3405
Contact person: Staš Martin

Flash point

Flash points of combustible liquids in open and closed cup under atmospheric pressure and higher than ambient temperature.
Device type: NORMALAB ANALIS NPM 440, ISL CFP 92
Standards: ČSN EN ISO 2719, ČSN EN ISO 2592, ASTM D93, 
Contact person: Černý Jaroslav

Vapour pressure

Vapour pressure of petrol and diesel fuels.
Device type: Grabner Instruments MINIVAP VPSH


Oxidation stability


Oxidation stability of petrol

Pressure cilinders for induction period measurement.
Standards: ČSN EN ISO 7536
Contact person: Maxa Daniel



Oxidation stability of FAME and another fuels during blow through oxigen. Induction period measurement.
Standards: ČSN EN 14112, ČSN EN 15751
Contact person: Maxa Daniel


Oxidation stability of petroleum and nonpetroleum substances by accelerated oxidation method.
Device type: PETROTEST PetroOXY
Standards: ČSN EN 16091, IP 595, ASTM D7525, ASTM D7545
Contact person: Mužíková Zlata


Low temperature fuel properties


Pour point

Pour point of petroleum fractions, mostly petroleum and heavy oils.
Standards: ČSN ISO 3016
Contact person: Tomášek Josef


Cold filter plugging point (CFPP)

Low temperature behavior of diesel fuel-filter plugging.
Device type: NORMALAB C.E.N 116
Standards: ASTM D6371, ČSN EN 16329
Contact person: Šimáček Pavel


Cloud point

Parafins elimination from transparent petroleum products in low temperature.
Standards: ČSN EN 23015
Contact person: Šimáček Pavel


Viskosity measurement


Capilary viscometers

Kinematic viscosity of transparent liquids measurement in capilary viscometers heated in oil bath.
Device type: Ubbelohde, Cannon-Fenske
Contact person: Kroufek Jiří


Rotational viscometers

Dynamic viscosity of high viscose liquids measurement, for example asphalts and heavy oils, in ambient and high temperature.
Device type: RHEOTEST 2.1
Contact person: Maxa Daniel


Dynamic shear rheometer

Dynamic viscosity measurement of high viscose samples in low or ambient temperature, complex shear modulus measurement. It is possible to measure even solid or semisolid samples including asphalts.
Device type: RheoStress 600
Standards: ČSN EN 14770, ASTM D7175
Contact person: Maxa DanielStraka Petr




Gas chromatographs

Gas chromatographs with FID, ECD and TCD detectors, equiped with split/splittless and on-column inlet. Determination of petrol group type analysis, hydrocarbons distribution in diesel fuel, oils and paraphines, polyaromatics and PCBs, analysis of gases, volatile organic compounds, biodiesel and determination of selected biocomponents in motor fuels is possible.
Device type:  Hewlett Packard HP 5890, Hewlett Packard HP 6890, Agilent Technologies 6890
Contact person: Šimáček Pavel


Gas chromatohraph with mass spectrometer

Gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer detector used to analysis of fuels compounds, identification of compounds in light and middle petroleum distillates and another organic matrices.
Device type: Thermo FocusGC+DSQ
Contact person: Staš Martin


Simulated distillation

High temperature gas chromatograph with flame ionization detector allows even heavy petroleum fractions analysis. It provides base data for universal technicue for petroleum fractions distillation characterization. It is applicable in range from the lightest petrol fractions through kerosene, oil fractions to atmospheric and vacuum distillates, or crude oils.
Device type:  Thermo-Quest TRACE GC 2000, Thermo TRACE GC ULTRA
Contact person: Šimáček Pavel

High performance liquid chromatography

In straight and reverse phase for analysis of middle petroleum distillates, polyaromatics and another compounds.
Standards: ČSN EN 12916
Contact person: Kroufek JiříMužíková Zlata



Liquid chromatography on the thin layer combined with flame ionization detector.
Device type: Iatroscan MK-6s
Contact person: Kroufek Jiří


Asphalts characteristics


Asphalt penetration

Asphalts surface penetration by needle in selected temperature.
Device type: SUR BERLIN PNR10
Standards: ČSN EN 1426
Contact person: Matějovský Lukáš


Softening point of asphalts

Asphalts softening temperature measured by manual method ring and ball.
Standards: ČSN EN 1427
Contact person: Matějovský Lukáš


Frass breaking point

Asphalts breaking point in low temperature in thin layer on the bended metal strip.
Standards: ČSN EN 12593
Contact person: Matějovský Lukáš


Rolling thin-film oven test (RTFOT)

Asphalts complex method testing their resistance to ageing by heat and air. Asphalt is heated in thin moving layer and blowed by air stream.
Device type: NORMALAB ANALIS P877
Standards: ČSN EN 12607, ASTM D2872
Contact person: Matějovský Lukáš


Another equipment


N/S analyzator

Nitrogen and sulphur content analysis in solid, liquid and gaseouse organic samples and nitrogen content in water. Controlled combustion of sample by oxigen in pyrolysis oven at 800 – 1000 °C in inert gas atmosphere. Follow combustion products analysis in the chemiluminiscent nitrogen detector and fluorescent sulphur detector.
Device type: Mitsubishi TOX – 100
Standards: ASTM D5453, ASTM D6667, ASTM D7183, ASTM D7551, ASTM D4629, ASTM D5176, ASTM D5762
Contact person: Tomášek Josef


Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

Pressure device for sample termic changes tracking for example during its oxidation.
Contact person: Černý Jaroslav


Reichert tester

Lubricity of oils and wear preventive properties testing.
Device type: Greiffenberger 3D80C-6
Contact person: Černý Jaroslav



Determination of gross calorific value of liquid and solid samples by oxidation in closed calorimeter bomb.
Contact person: Mužíková Zlata



Determination of carbon residue of petroleum fractions by micromethod.
Device type: NORMALAB ANALIS NMC 420
Standards: ČSN EN ISO 10370
Contact person: Černý Jaroslav


Infrared spectrometer

Infrared specters measurement of petroleum and non-petroleum liquid samples.
Device type: 
Contact person: Černý Jaroslav


Automatic density measurement

Automatic density measurement in oscilation U-tube at wide range of temperatures. Densitimeters are often supplemented with simultaneous measurement of another quantity, for example dynamic viscosity or speed of sound. This measurement is suitable only for transparent homogenous samples.
Device type: Anton Paar DSA 5000 (Density&Sound Analyser), Anton Paar SVM 3000 (Stabinger Viscometer), Anton Paar DMA 4000
Standards: ČSN EN ISO 12185
Contact person: Maxa DanielČerný Jaroslav


Automatic titrators

Automatic titrators used for measurent of acid value, bromine number, iodine value, total base number and several another oils parameters.
Device type: METTLER TOLEDO T50
Standards: ČSN ISO 3771, ČSN ISO 6619
Contact person: Mužíková Zlata


Water content

Automatic titrators used for low water content measurement in petroleum samples by volumetric or culometric method by Karl-Fisher.
Device type: Coulometer WTK, Mettler Toledo DL38
Standards: ČSN EN ISO 10101-3, ČSN EN 15692
Contact person: Mužíková Zlata

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