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Master theses defended on the Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels

Abstracts of diploma theses defended in 2016:

Author Thesis title
Bringlerová Nikola Impact of a reduced supply of hydrogen on the activity of hydrodesulphurization catalyst
Dufek Tomáš Premium gasolines
Ihnát Tomáš Effect of temperature and space velocity on hydrotreating of gas oil and rapeseed oil blend
Orazgaliyeva Diana Hydrotreating of middle petroleum fractions and rapeseed oil blend on sulphided Ni-Mo/TiO2 and Ni-Mo/Al2O3 catalysts
Pecháčková Monika Methods of VOC control used during venting of crude oil storage tanks
Zbuzková Blanka Study of chemical composition of pyrolysis bio-oils after catalytic hydrotreatment


Abstracts of diploma theses defended in 2015:

Author Thesis title
Bidlo Jiří The use of crude oils as solvents for removal of waxy deposits
Culková Martina Utilization of fractions from a fluid catalytic cracking in the production of diesel fuel
Gálusová Markéta Testing of model of crude oil pipeline
Grau Jaroslav Possibilities of low-aromatic diesel production in terms of the Česká rafinérská
Hotař Pavel Detailed Chemical Characterization of Pyrolysis Bio-oils
Lambl Vojtěch Dynamic testing of construction materials in the environment of gasoline fuel containing bio component
Lánský Jakub Hydrotreating of heavy components of pyrolysis oils
Matoušek Luboš Durability of bituminous binders
Suchopa Robert Testing corossion inhibitors for the use in transport and storage equipment
Švambergová Šárka Fuel-Borne Catalysts in diesel fuels
Waňousová Simona The additivation of diesel fuels containing fatty acid methyl esters


Abstracsc of diploma theses defended in 2014:

Author Thesis title
Křištof Adam Utilization of hydrogen off-gas from the production of styrene in the refinery Kralupy
Soukupová Lenka Possibilities of using liquid products from waste tire pyrolysis to produce motor fuels or petrochemicals
Syblíková Kateřina Hydrogenated vegetable oil as a biocomponent of diesel fuel
Šindelářová Lucie Determination of low sulfur concentrations in hydrocarbon fractions using destructive and non-destructive methods
Váchová Veronika Effect of reaction conditions on the properties of the products from rapeseed oil hydrogenation
Vozka Petr The effect of asphaltenes on rheological properties and sediment formation in paraffinic crude oil
Vrtiška Dan PAH determination in extender oils

Abstracsc of diploma theses defended in 2013:

Author Thesis title
Machalla Michael Distillation characteristics of light petroleum fractions
Martyčák Jan Optimization of Diesel fuel blending


Abstracsc of diploma thesees defended in 2011:

Author Thesis title
Bamburák Lukáš Oxidation stability of diesel fuel and FAME
Hanušová Michaela FTIR spectroscopy in analysis of biodiesel
Holečková Margita Assessmant of tribolimits for some mine machines
Kapasný Ondřej Plastics pyrolysis
Koníčková Marcela Polarographic determination of sulfur and oxygen compounds in petroleum products
Kořánová Andrea The influence of biomass pyrolysis conditions on the products compositions and yields
Kořánová Kristýna Effect of Fuel-Borne catalysts on oxidation stability of diesel fuels
Levý Omar Using density and velocity of sound in monitoring quality of crude oil during its transport
Němcová Kateřina Influence of moderate temperature stress of crude oil on its model storage
Osegbe Bartholomew Ifeanyichukwu Hydrotreating of straight run gas oil and light cycle oil blends
Petržílková Anna Determination of PAH in process oil by RP HPLC - method optimalization
Roušar Pavel Evaluation of the data obtained from reactor for hydrogenation of acetylene in line for production of polyethylene
Schnierer Antonín Testing of laboratory crude oil pipeline model
Žid Petr Properties of hydrocracking products from mixture of petroleum vacuum distillate and product of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis


Abstracsc of diploma theses defended in 2010:

Author Thesis title
Kasal Ondřej Hydrotreating of light cycle oil from fluid catalytic cracking
Klokočková Daniela Simulation and optimization of FCC gasoline fractionator
Maleňáková Vendula Quality and operational performance of lubricating oils
Malý Josef Utilization of alternative vegetable oils for production of methyl esters
Najmanová Romana Fuel properties of products obtained by hydrocracking of sunflower oil
Pechmanová Michala Pyrolysis and copyrolysis of individual gaseous feedstock and their mixtures


Abstracsc of diploma theses defended in 2009:

Author Thesis title
Brejchal Milan Evaluation of Quench Implementation for Operation of Visbreaker Unit
Frolík Jan Evaluation of stability in long term storage of parafinic crude oil
Henselý Josef Post Implementation Review of the New Hydrocracker Revamp 2007 in the Litvínov Rafinery
Charvát Petr Enhancement of the olefin yield by the modification of steam cracker feedstock composition
Kopecká Petra Evaluation of utilization of FCC Light Cycle Oil in Products of the Czech Refining Co. by application of Development LP model
Kovalev Andrej Separation possibilities of paraffinic compounds from crude oil samples
Kuba Josef Simulation and optimization of AGO hydrotreating unit
Lužná Kateřina Physicochemical properties of hydroprocessed rapeseed oil
Magula Tomáš Proposal for a location of SO2 hydrogenation reactor in the processes to increase efficiency of the CLAUS type units
Marko Jiří Future application of catalytic reforming in Česká rafinérská, a.s.
Mašek Rostislav Preparation of high viscosity index lube base oils from waxy residue of hydrocracking and slack wax
Mráz Otakar Material balance of the ethylene plant and the downstream units
Mrázová Martina Properties of oil fractions from ethylene unit in dependence on the operational mode
Prokopová Renata Properties and upgrading possibilities of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products
Ranuša Antonín Proposal for Energy Saving on the Tank Farm of Litvínov Refinery
Ravčuková Kateřina Laboratory studies of dewatering of gas well tubing
Sezemský Richard Design for modification of treatment hydrogen sulphide equipment for increase of off-gas desulphurization effectivity
Soukup Tomáš Project evaluation of recontacting VBU and MEA treatment unit intensification
Soukupová Věra Determination of low-level sulfur in petroleum products
Suchá Iveta Oxy-compounds as important components for petrol blending
Šifaldová Vladislava Determination of non-polar extractable substances in refinery waste water streams
Venclíčková Marie Comparison of the properties of 50/70 grade road bitumens prepared by different way using classical and modern methods
Zbuzek Michal Hydrocracking of vacuum distillate for raw material used in steam cracking and lube oils production
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