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Bachelor theses defended on the Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels

Abstracts of bachelor theses defended in 2016:

Author Thesis title
Burešová Barbora Methods for determination of oxygen and nitrogen compounds in petroleum fractions and alternative fuels
Ćosić Dragan Using of asphaltenes as the standard for the determination of metal content in crude oil high boiling fractions using ICP and AAS
Hrušková Martina Thermal stability of bitumen and influence of ageing on its rheological properties
Itikeev Ravil Volume changes upon mixing petroleum based and alternative fuels
Karl Jan Calculation of explosive limits for complex hydrocarbon mixtures
Křížová Eliška Study of corrosion protection in environment of ethanol-gasoline blends using electrochemical methods
Macurová Martina Low-temperature properties of diesel fuels


Abstracts of bachelor theses defended in 2015:

Author Thesis title
Auersvald Miloš Study of Chemical Composition of Pyrolysis Bio-oil
Gdovin Andrej Effect of reaction conditions on the properties of the products from hydrotreating of rapeseed oil
Hussein Tarig Volume changes on blending gasoline with ethanol
Klementová Denisa Road asphalt modification
Kovalev Ivan Cross contamination of automotive fuels
Križan Arnošt Hydrocracking of atmospheric residue
Krupnová Eliška Analysis of refinery gases
Shumeiko Bogdan Effect of hydrogen flow on hydrotreating of middle distillates and rapeseed oil blend
Suchánek Radek Effect of partial pressure of hydrogen sulfide on the catalyst activity in the hydrotreating of middle distillates and vegetable oil blends
Valderová Alice The use of rheometric techniques for determination of crude oil pour point
Vysocká Aneta Motor biofuels based on hydrogenated vegetable oils
Závěšický Petr Oxidation stability of diesel fuel


Abstracts of bachelor theses defended in 2014:

Author Thesis title
Bringlerová Nikola Production of diesel fuel by hydrotreatment of middle petroleum destillates and vegetace oils blends
Ihnát Tomáš The origin of a biocomponent present in diesel fuel 
Suk Jaroslav Analysis of mono-, di- and triglycerides content in FAME
Zbuzková Blanka Properties of products from hydrotreating of light cycle oil


Abstracts of bachelor theses defended in 2013:

Author Thesis title
Beníček Jakub Determination of LSC fractions overlap by UV spektra deconvolution
Bialas Vojtěch The effect of crude oil composition on rheological properties
Culková Martina The quality of motor fuels associated with tax evasion
Dufek Tomáš Effect of biodiesel on thermooxidation stability of motor oils
Gálusová Markéta Testing of method for evaluation of crude oil storage from microscopic and rheology results
Havelcová Lenka Optimization of method of light cycle oil group type analysis
Hotař Pavel Changes in composition of diesel fuel during its natural biodegradation
Krylová Ivona Premium diesel fuels
Netušil Michal Evaluation of mixing interfaces in crude oil pipeline transport
Suchopa Robert Monitoring of the biodiesel content in motor oil from diesel engines


Abstracts of bachelor theses defended in 2012:

Author Thesis title
Banza Nguie Franck Phase stability of ethanol-petrol blends
Mendoza Miranda Angela Norma Water tolerance of butanol - petrol blends
Syblíková Kateřina Determination of fuel in engine oil
Váchová Veronika Hydrotreating of light cycle oil
Vrtiška Dan Content of biocomponents in gasolines sold on the Czech market


Abstracts of bachelor theses defended in 2011:

Author Thesis title
Česák Ondřej Oxidation stability of gasolines
Martyčák Jan Operating Evaluation of Low-temperature Properties of Diesel Fuel Containing FAME


Abstracts of bachelor theses defended in 2009:

Author Thesis title
Birčák Tomáš Hydrotreating of FCC light cycle oil
Kapasný Ondřej Chromatographic separation of acetals prepared from waste glycerin and acetaldehyd
Levý Omar Vapour pressure of gasoline E85
Němcová Kateřina Simulation and optimization of a naphtha-splitter unit
Nurgaliyev Almas Wax deposits dissolving by crude oil
Thiam Babacar Vapor pressure of petrols containing oxygen compounds
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