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History of the department


Department of petroleum technology and alternative fuels directly follows activities of department of petroleum technology and petrochemistry. Name of the department was changed in connection with extension of the departments branch.The department of petroleum technology and petrochemistry was established as a discrete department in time of establisment of the Faculty of fuel technology and water in 1953 (today's name is the Faculty of environmental technology). It's activities continued activities of Department of fuel and lighting technology and water technology founded in 1920. Lectures of fuels technology was formerly part of technological objects tuition. Lessons of fuels technology, as an individual object, that contains a crude oil processing, started in 1884/85.

Department important persons

Founder of our department was prof. Dr. Ing. Stanislav Landa, DrSc, discoverer of adamantan. After him department was managed by prof. Ing. Jiří Mostecký, DrSc. (rector of UCT), prof. Ing. Karel Pecka, CSc., doc. Ing. Vratislav Rábl CSc. and prof. Ing. Gustav Šebor, CSc. As another important members of our staff can be statted prof. Dr. Ing. V. Šešulka, CSc., teacher of fuels analytics and doc. Ing. O. Weisera, DrSc., whose scientific and research activities focused on suphidic catalysts.


Former specialization of the department to synthetic fuels in the sixties ot twentieth century changed to crude oil processing according to changes in raw material base in the Czech republic. Later specialization expanded to alternative fuels mostly with vegetable origin with compliance of raw policy of the whole EU.
Together with czech students in our department studied also foreign students, in total from 25 diferent countries. These students comprise about one third of number of graduates. Some of foreing students successfully continued in doctoral study and achieved science degree.

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